2015 Fall

How to build a robot

A little boy is building his own robot in the garage of his house. His little sister is holding a doll and watching while his brother tries to impress her with his creativity. The robot is built from objects found in a garage such as bicycle parts, automotive parts, cleaning equipment, tools and etc.  In the scene, I tried to make it funny by drawing the little sister laugh at his brother’s non perfect robot. 



Designed the fighting scene of Peter Pan and Captain Hook in the jolly roger in a style based on Lane Smith. Learned how to exaggerate the characters and how to use various textures.


Trick or Treat

The first scene is the establishing shot of the two characters (a little boy and his giant fluffy dog) entering into the Victorian haunted house. 

The second scene is the interior shot of the Victorian Haunted house.


Kitchen gone wild

This project was to design a kitchen scene by blowing up the life in kitchen appliances and foods. In the scene, the vegetables are caught by the bad salt and pepper soldiers. They are entering into the jail, which is the hot oven!