2015 Spring- Summer

Mouse Bar Design

The mouse bar is located in the school garden. It is made with a big box and famous for cheese and beer.


Fashion Designer Mouse, Pierre's Room

Pierre is a mouse and he is a fashion designer. He designs clothes to other mice. He lives in an old attic located in the house in Paris. He used to be a famous but now he is having hard time.


Pirate Hideout in Tropical Island

Studying the props of pirates and tropical island.


Wizard Library in Lighthouse (1800's France)

The vain wizard's library is located at a lighthouse. He frequently makes mistakes and one day he was experimenting the growth of hair. Then, something went wrong ending up with overgrowth of the hairs.


Giant Plant Design

This project was to create a unique landscape environment. The contrast of scale was the most important part I focused.

2015 Spring, summer